200438_616171605492_5817164_n (1)John Porterfield, M.Ed., CHLC

Health Educator, Family & Consumer Sciences Educator, Master Educator, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Wellness Coach

  John’s Accomplishments

Many patients come to me feeling like they’ve lost control of their health. Some of their issues can be frustrating and complex. At Optimum Health Options, my treatment programs are designed by medical specialists to provide the answers and personalized care you deserve.

Optimum Health Options provides focused, specialized health services to clients who want better results, more answers, and more personalized care than what they’re receiving from their current medical providers. I bring you the latest in specialized treatments and a continuity of care that is unsurpassed.


I have first-hand experience of what it is like to live with the conditions and challenges I treat. I used to be a patient. Optimum Health Options was founded after I spent month after month and thousands upon thousands of dollars searching for answers and relief from my own struggle with fibromyalgia and loss of vitality. Each doctor I saw helped a little in limited ways. But I soon realized that healing the “whole person” would require effectively combining all the appropriate standard and alternative medical knowledge available.

Founded upon personal experience and expertise, Optimum Health Options focuses on providing individualized compassionate care that is superior to any care that clients may have experienced with medical treatments.


My clients benefit from my thorough evaluation process and advanced testing procedures. I don’t just treat the symptoms. I evaluate and treat the underlying causes of those symptoms. Successful treatment starts with a correct evaluation.


At Optimum Health Options, clients who follow my integrated treatment program report substantial improvement in their energy levels and significant relief of pain and other symptoms by their fourth month of treatment. However, continued compliance is necessary to maintain these improvements. You can love your life again!

To learn more about the treatment programs available to you, call 337-335-0797.  You don’t have to suffer anymore with the symptoms of debilitating conditions or mid-life loss of vitality.  You can regain your health and your life. Take control back today. Take the first step to relief.  Contact me.